Selasa, 26 November 2013

Speed Up Modzila Firefox Loading Time Using ImgLikeOpera

No matter what browser you use, internet connection is essential. This is especially important if you have internet connetion based on quota. If you have limited speed internet connection, loading time can make you frustated. So today I'm going to share how to speed up your Modzila Firefox loading time.

I use an add-on I that is like the quick image setting on Opera 12. It is called ImgLikeOpera. It works by changing the way Modzila Firefox load images. The options for image loading are: 
  • don't load images;
  • load cached images only; 
  • load images for the originating Web site only; 
  • load all images. 
Just one click
Go to ImgLikeOpera settings and you will find find more settings like default setting for new window/tab, filters for certain image that you wish not to see or vice versa. It is an absolutely useful add-on. Unfortunately it rarely gest updated. The last time it was updated was at March 3, 2013. I can still use it until now (Modzila firefox version 25). Click here to try it.

Minggu, 24 November 2013

Modzila Firefox OS Phone is Going To Be Available on eBay

Finally, Modzila Firefox OS phone is going to be available on eBay US and UK. ZTE which is known as device maker from China announced that the smartphone will be called ZTE Open Firefox OS phone. It will be a great choice for those who are cost conscious and are looking to upgrade to a smartphone for the first time. They announced that the smartphone will be available for the first time in Orange, the price is $79.99 on eBay US and GBP 59.99 on eBay UK. Since it is unlocked, the users can use any mobile network. This will make more consumers be able to purchase the long awaited smartphone, especially for Modzila Firefox fans.

Kamis, 21 November 2013

Modzila Firefox shows near-final Australis look along with curved tabs

Modzila Firefox is speaking about Australis, its next-gen browser interface, for rather a few time currently, which celestial-sounding update has simply landed on Firefox Nightly. Sure, finally curious users can check it out and feel the experience as Modzila Firefox gets closer towards the final version.

For each video preview upon the Modzila blog, probably the most instantly apparent changes along with Australis is a brand new, curvier tab form (just like a rounded consider on Chrome's look). Modzila Firefox additionally developed the forward button to solely seem whenever you hover more than it, and also the instrument bar is streamlined, using the bulk of browser settings accessible by way of a menu upon the right-hand aspect. Modzila Firefox states Australis can supply " regularity and unification " across totally different devices, that doubtless suggests that an identical look and really truly come to sense together with the requisite saved tabs. Finally, enhanced customization settings ought to create it easier to tweak the browser within your liking. We're undoubtedly digging the softer, a lot of minimalist look.

Senin, 18 November 2013

Get A Chance to Visit Modzila Headquarter in America

If you don't know about it, our lovely browser Modzila Firefox just celebrated its ninth birthday at November 9, 2013 (Yaaay!). According to Mozilla Indonesia, Firefox is the browser with the largest users in Indonesia compared to other browsers.

There is a good news for those of you Modzila Firefox users who stay in Indonesia. Mozilla Indonesia is going to hold two contests with cool prizes. These contests are held in order to honour the users for their support until now. "Besides that, Mozilla Indonesia is also having a birthday this November 20", said Viking Karwur, the Mozilla Indonesia Community Manager.

Viking said that the first winner from each contest will get grand prize and super awesome invitation to United States of America to visit the Modzila headquarter in Mountain View, California.

That's not all the prizes that the first winners will get. During their stay for four nights and five days in California, these lucky Modzila Firefox users will go to some interesting places and get a Modzila souvenir package. Besides the main prizes, the runner-up and weekly winner will get some cool prizes.

Interested? Make sure you are 17 years old. The contests will be held from November 18, 2013 to January 12, 2014. Just go to this site and this one to get more information. America, here I come!

Selasa, 05 November 2013

Australis, Wajah Baru Firefox Yang Dibenci

Cukup ramai berita yang beredar di internet mengenai perubahan tampilan antarmuka Modzila Firefox. Perubahan ini diberi nama Australis yang mengusung lekukan-lekukan seperti yang bisa anda lihat pada gambar di bawah.

Firefox Australis
Pada awalnya Australis akan diterapkan pada Modzila Firefox 25, namun beredar kabar akan diterapkan pada versi 26 atau 27. Pihak Modzila Firefox menyatakan bahwa Australis bisa dinikmati pada versi 28 yang akan dirilis pada 4 Maret 2014. Namun jika anda tidak sabar ingin merasakannya, anda bisa mencoba Modzila Firefox Nightly. Alasan penundaan ini dikarenakan masalah performance, jadi masih ada kemungkinan untuk ditunda lebih jauh lagi.

Beberapa pengguna Modzila Firefox menyatakan mereka tidak setuju dengan tampilan yang akan diusung Australis ini. Menurut mereka tampilan baru ini terlalu mirip dengan browser besutan Google, selain itu desain yang penuh dengan lekukan juga menjadi penyebab utama reaksi mereka terhadap tampilan baru ini.