Selasa, 26 November 2013

Speed Up Modzila Firefox Loading Time Using ImgLikeOpera

No matter what browser you use, internet connection is essential. This is especially important if you have internet connetion based on quota. If you have limited speed internet connection, loading time can make you frustated. So today I'm going to share how to speed up your Modzila Firefox loading time.

I use an add-on I that is like the quick image setting on Opera 12. It is called ImgLikeOpera. It works by changing the way Modzila Firefox load images. The options for image loading are: 
  • don't load images;
  • load cached images only; 
  • load images for the originating Web site only; 
  • load all images. 
Just one click
Go to ImgLikeOpera settings and you will find find more settings like default setting for new window/tab, filters for certain image that you wish not to see or vice versa. It is an absolutely useful add-on. Unfortunately it rarely gest updated. The last time it was updated was at March 3, 2013. I can still use it until now (Modzila firefox version 25). Click here to try it.

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